Thursday, 9 April 2015

Introduction to Database

GOMC progress ....

Assalamualaikum ...

As usual, before start our lab session, Dr.Fareed will discuss about GOMC, the campaign that we gonna run. For this time, he asked us to show the draft for pre-campaign report. Each group show the draft to him, and he will comment when there are something wrong about our report.

As today just go through the pre-campaign report draft, we started our lab earlier.

For this lab session, we are gonna learn how to use Microsoft Access in produce a database. Based on the example and guideline from Dr.Fareed, we create a database of customers in a simple banking business.

For the first try, I got a little bit problem since this is my first time create a database. I already learn about the database, primary key, the ID num, but never try use Microsoft Access to create even a simplest database.

Making this one, I'm understand more now, how this apps help a lot in tracking jobs in simplest way. Have a database making accessing for particular information more easiest and simplicity. The data saved also arranged more clean and not clutter or messy which can make more difficult when want to find or access particular data.

As the example, the database we create for customer in simple banking business, we can see how this database help a lot in accessing information of each customer easily. We also can recall back the each information without any problem or error information. Come to think about this, I realize now, this microsoft really more comfort life and easier ways to work in.

Thank you ..

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Website Evaluation

As usual, we started with discuss about GOMC. Dr.Fareed explains more about this campaign challenge and AdWords too. 
 As we already registered for the challenge, accessed dashboard and selected a foodservice restaurant to run a campaign, we all need to learn about AdWords and the client to make sure we can running the campaign smoothly.

Talk about PPC,pay per-click, Dr.Fareed told us how to handle US$250 as given to running the campaign for three weeks rightly as for reliability. His guidelines help us a lot in making the plan how to make sure US$250 more than enough for three weeks for campaign. Then, using the Tadika Bijak website, he showed us how to start after already registered with AdWords. We need to choose around 20 suitable keywords for the searching result, to appeal our customer’s website. Then, he also showed us how to make AdWords text to show a little information about the website we run. 

Go for next session, Dr.Fareed asked us to make a Website Evaluation based on our customer’s website. We need to give critism for their website appearance, content, functionality and website usability.

Based on Red Card CafĂ©’s website, their website appearance was good. The colour used not too much and not too crowded. Just red, white and black colour used, make their website appealing and more interesting with the animated delightful food’s picture.

The website content, I can say, almost they provided important and needed information such as contact number for any reservation and company profile too. they also provided menu item with price, completed with picture and a little bit description about the food. 

The website functionality and usability also good as they provided the easier access to see the information and the content they had. 


After that, Dr.Fareed continue with explain us about the website evolution by Hanson & Kalyavanam( 2008). 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Excel ~ Menu Item Cost Calculator

For this week, we used excel too. But, to calculate the cost for the menu selected. However, before we start it, we discuss about our project first, about GOMC. We already choosed the restaurant to promote their website and already contacted with them. My team leader, Liyana, registered for this competition. Then, Dr.Fareed ask us to continue finalised the company and start to discuss about the our plan for campaign. For this assignment, we choose Red Card Cafe.

Some of their menu...


After that, we continue with our task for today. Today, we need to 
design a menu item cost calculator to calculate the total cost of a meal. We need to select one menu so can put their ingredient to calculate the total cost for the food we selected.

this is not too hard for uss, since we just need to put the picture, the recipe and the ingredient with their price.

Realized that, I think this is really helpful for any restaurant to calculate their menu cost, at the same time can manage and control their cost.

This is what I had done today. 

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Lab 2 : Excell

Today, for the second lab we are going to learn the basic use of excell. However, before that, Dr.Fareed give us about 30 minutes to discuss about our project, GOMC. We are given time to discuss in our group,  to choose the suitable restaurant for the project.

After that, we continue  learn how to use excell to put the data of sales. I'm not too familiar use this excell, but since today we just need to use as the basic, so this is not too difficult. I learned how to put the data into chart. This chart really make the data easy to analyze and simply recognized when want to examine something about the sales. We can see the better data. Just  like what i had done today, the data of the sales more simple and easy to understand. 


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